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Back in February, I read a post by Adrenaline about Motocross in Kuwait.  After a couple of attempts and finally getting the date and location right, I was there for the final race of last season.  I manged to take quite a few photographs on the day, and I posted about it late March.  I sent the post and photographs to Bazaar magazine, who answered me on the same day expressing interest.  I then had a brief meeting with the organisors to make sure they were happy with my plan, and I wrote a small piece as requested by Bazaar.  

They agreed to publish it and will pay me 20KD for it.  In your comments, please recommend favourite charities and I will donate it to one of them.  The article is in this month’s issue.  In the printed world, this is my first ever published ‘work’ both as a photograph and a written piece.  Here is a link to the article online.  I hope it makes you smile.

When did you start drinking coffee?

I remember when they started serving it in high school and I started my tradition of the morning cup.  During university years, I lived on Arabic coffee made at home.  I was in London at the time and the endless lines of coffee shops had not yet began forming.  When I moved to Denmark, I recognised what real coffee should taste like.  Instant coffee was no longer acceptable.  I shiver as I write that horrible word “instant”.

Noor is having what they call a baby-cino (Starbucks’ slang for frothed milk).  They don’t recognise the name at Starbucks in Kuwait… So don’t bother. I think it’s a rather clever way to get the children involved when you’re at a cafe – and all they’re having is a cookie and milk.

The reason I chose this photo is Noor’s guaranteed excitement whenever I make coffee at home.  The sound of the grinder, the machine beeping to say “ready” and me appearing out of the kitchen and into the dining room – Noor always greeting me with a wonderful smile.