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Tag Archives: rule of thirds

My last post had nothing but planned shots.  This image had almost zero planning.  It happens more often than we amateur photographers care to admit: That perfect accident when all the right ingredients jump into the baking tray, throw themselves into the oven, and instruct it on how long to cook them, and at what temperature.

A few weeks ago, I was taking shots of trucks and construction vehicles for my Mangaf blog.  This photo stood out from the rest.  It has that special feel to it – that differentiates an acceptable photo from an exceptional one.

Analysing it today, I can see why I like it.  The letters in the logo have a ‘used’ – almost abused – feel to them, which adds a rugged feel to the already-macho bulldozer.  The second half of the word is missing, but it’s such a well known brand that almost everyone will read the full thing in their mind.  The focal point is the letter ‘A’ which is also the place that Caterpillar place their emphasis via the little yellow triangle.  Finally, the way the photo is broken into the rule of thirds, both horizontally and vertically, creates an interesting result.

I did compose and take the above image.  I can’t, however, take credit for knowing any of these factors at the time of shooting.

Have a wonderful weekend.