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Watching London go by….

This is one of my favourite night shots of London. I have a large print of it displayed in my office. The unmistakable colours of Piccadilly Circus and the London bus/taxi create the perfect postcard moment.

It was a clear freeeezing night and this was the result of quite a few attempts. The light from the “Sanyo” sign in Piccadilly Circus gave this fantastic result. Apart from a little cropping, nothing was done on photoshop.

I’m in Picadilly Circus. I took my bike on the train into Waterloo and spent the whole day (I mean from 8am to 8pm so the whole day) taking photos of London. The weather was surprisingly helpful.

This photo was a special one because not long from now, we will not see many more of these classic double-decker buses. The Routemaster is slowly but surely disappearing from the streets of the capital 😦

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This is not somewhere in the Gulf… My wife worked in Portsmouth for two years so we got to know the place a little.  This tower was under construction during most of our visits. It’s called the Spinnaker Tower – “a 170 metre tall visitor attraction overlooking historical Portsmouth harbour and the Solent”.

More information here.

Big Ben is apparently the name of the bell in the clock.  I didn’t know that!

Update: This is the Clock Tower.  St Stephen’s Tower is another one.


All those who know me will know how much London means to me.This photo summarises many of the things I love about my favourite city in the world.

….. even (especially) when it’s raining.

This is the only place where Kuwait can boast a real history.  The rest of the country struggles to date itself back to pre 1700AD. I am so pleased and thankful that I finally managed to get here and take this shot.

Ikaros is the old name of Failaka Island, approximately 20 km off the coast of Kuwait City.

Archaeological investigations revealed the existence of ruins from the Delmon Civilization nearly 2000 B.C. The Island was an active Commercial Station between today’s Bahrain and Mesopotamia. It was first colonized by the Ancient Greeks in the Fourth century BC by a Greek Admiral in the army of Alexander the Great.

There are two theories about the origin of the name. Some believe it came from an island off the Greek coast where the mythical Icarus was buried, and which had a similar shape to Failaka. Others believe it was named so due to its severe heat and the inevitable belief that it was close to the sun. Anyone who spends one summer in Kuwait would only believe the latter!



After many arguments with airport/hotel/car rental staff, I managed to get to one of the most amazing places on Earth. I wish it was easier.

It’s great to be in a spot with this concentration of ancient history.

btw the guy with the camel was really nice. Fair is fair.


Gamla Stan is the old part of Stockholm. In fact the name means just that.

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 I was there on business and had a free afternoon.

Budapest is a very interesting city with beautiful architecture – especially the parliament building seen here in the distance.

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It’s very easy to get used to this place… Nice people, good food, great shopping and well.. the weather during my short trip was perfect.

South Africa is one of the most interesting places I have visited.  They have so many challenges in that country – it embarrasses me to think we complain about things in Kuwait.  I went on a trip with Imperial College London and we visited many businesses. 

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This city is a special place. Already signs of the Olympics are everywhere. Standing on the Great Wall (an hour’s drive away) is … great…

Xie xie

The Big Apple….. This photo was obviously taken a while back… I had it framed and in my house a month before September 11th… The world is a different place as well as New York.Heavy stuff aside, New York….. What a city! I love it. My love for London is not a secret and it’s probably why I felt so at home here.

The city that never sleeps is on our list for another trip soon.