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It’s that time of year when we take back our garden and own the outside space of our home.   We maintain our small garden to give us pleasure all year from the window looking out, but during autumn and spring it offers us a more tangeable pay-back.

This post is a collection of images taken in the past few days.  It’s a small space with many users.

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Since the storm damage to our front two trees back in May , our house name looked like an after-thought. Well, the trees have finally started to fill with leaves, and I now pray for some long sturdy branches.  This should start to bring them back to their former glory.

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Summer is now here and is showing its muscles. It reached 48°C today and gardening was hard work! The two trees are finding their way into the ground and shaping up nicely. I managed to get rid of the cube shape theu had when I bought them.

Still debating whether to let them grow naturally or banzai….

I love gardening.  I’ve always loved gardening. 

We have a small space outside my house 40 sq m and I needed to have something more natural than tiles within our perimeter wall.  It was time to do some measuring, marking, drilling, breaking, digging and tidying. All this before a single plant was in view.  With the “help” of 3 “builders” it took “two days”. 

To make it even more exciting, they managed to damage the main electric line into the house. Twelve hours and 150KD later, we had power again.

The best thing about a garden is when you use it.

It’s now warm enough to start playing with water in the afternoons – soon it will be too hot!  I have to admit, I probably had even more fun than the children did.