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I spent a few minutes in the garden this morning – smelling the roses.  Actually, we don’t have any roses but I wanted to get a couple of shots of the flowers on the Gardenia.  By the grace of God, this beautiful plant has survived four summers and has given it’s best bloom this spring.  I wasn’t taking the shots for the blog.  They’re for my garden log-book and are therefore less artistic and more practical.

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Whilst we often work hard to get the perfect shot, some just seem to seek us.  This scene was waiting for me earlier this afternoon.  I walked into our living room, looked out to the balcony and there it was!  Perfect angle from the sunlight, sitting at the top of the balcony fence and perfectly matching the colours of the distant background.   I raced downstairs to grab my camera and approached it slowly to get this result.

It’s the first dragonfly we’ve seen this autumn.  In Kuwait it’s considered a sign of good luck…