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I couldn’t resist this last post about Egypt.  I stayed at the Marriott in Cairo.  This may not sound interesting, but this hotel has a building with an interesting history.  I took some shots of the original building of the palace.

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The last thing I want to do is to write about my hotel experiences on this blog.  This time however was a little different.  Whilst the place is not far away from home (Abu Dhabi) it was an experience worth sharing.  The property is imposing and the furnishings very luxurious.  It’s not to my personal taste but it is very impressive.  

During my five day stay, Tony Blair and Nicolas Sarkozy spent a night here each.  I found it very strange that heads of state stay at a hotel – but this made sense of all the money that had been spent on this place and the many years (if ever) it will take to get some sort of payback.

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I’m in Dubai again today.  Although I thought I had imagined it last time, the place is really very quiet.  The airport was virtually empty with no queues for immigration and taxis.  The roads are, in Dubai’s standard, deserted!

The above is a view that I’m very familiar with.  I stay at this hotel many times during the year.  The main road, Sh Zayed Road, usually has bumper-to-bumper traffic most of the day – and the early part of the night.  The swimming pool is always, and I do mean always, so busy that I never thought of going down for a quick swim.  During the busy afternoon time on a glorious sunny day, there were four people there.

I’m sure Dubai will pick up again.  I pray it’s soon.  They deserve it with all the hard work that has gone into it.


I use flickr to store my photographs and link them into this blog.  To my amazement, not only is Skype blocked in the UAE but for some reason flickr is too! I will upload the photograph above when I return.  

This photograph is of the carpet pattern at the Intercontinental Hotel. Security is very high in the Emirate as they host IDEX.   The gentleman on the x-ray machine at the hotel entrance asked me to take a random shot pointing to the ground.  The flash had to come on too.  I’ve never been asked to do that before – and I’ve never posted an unplanned shot before so here we are.

I’m finally at my room.  With the extra number of guests in Abu Dhabi, it is just about coping.

I took this photograph some time ago in Doha.  This man did a wonderful job cleaning the windows at the Ramada Hotel – and made it look so easy.  The gold you see behind him is the other side of the hotel. I was staying on the 8th floor, so it was nice to see that he was wearing a harness/belt which he had clamped onto the railings outside.  That same week, I saw cleaners washing (I mean washing washing – with running water) the curved glass cover of the entrance of Al Manshar Rotana hotel here in Kuwait.  For those who don’t know it, this is 4 metres high! The guy was standing barefooted on curved wet glass wearing no protection whatsoever.  His shirt was a little dodgy, so you almost wished he would fall.

It takes courage to work at high altitude.  Courage is the subject of a joke that I came across this evening.  A little long but worth it 🙂

World War Two. Close to the front line, three Allied generals talk about courage. One is Russian, the other is American and the third one is British.

The American general wants to show the others how courageous his men are. He calls a soldier and tells him: “Private, I want you to run across that mine field, jump over two enemy trenches, and come back in 10 minutes!”

“Sir, yes sir!”
The soldier does everything the general asked him and comes back on time. The American general says to the other two: “You see? That is what I call courage!”

The Russian general is eager to show the toughness of the Red Army. He calls a soldier and tells him: “Comrade, you must run across that mine field and jump over no fewer than four enemy trenches, while carrying a box of live grenades. And for the glory of Mother Russia, you must be back in 8 minutes!”
“Da, comrade general!”
This soldier also does everything the general asked him and comes back on time. The Russian general says to the other two: “You see, comrades? That is what I call courage!”

The British general raises an eyebrow and steps in slowly. He calls a soldier and tells him: “Hey, you there! Go and run across that mine field and jump over ten enemy trenches, while carrying a box of grenades in your arms, a timed C4 explosive on your back, and balancing a stick of dynamite on your nose. Oh, and be back in five minutes.”

The soldier replies: “You what? Are you bloody mad? I didn’t join the army to listen to braindead idiots like you! Go and do it yourself mate!”

The British general looks triumphantly at the other two. “Now, gentlemen, this is what I call courage!”


With my telephone connection finally fixed, I can do some catching up…

Last time I went to Dubai, I stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Festival City.  I am rarely impressed by hotel rooms and their decor, especially with modern builds.  However this was a little different.  The room/toilet are small, but by using a glass wall in the middle, it fealt like I was staying in a suite.