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_MAA0535 by you.

Regent’s Park London


I hate to advertise … but it doesn’t get better than this.

It’s almost Christmas and we’re in London! Where else but Hamleys?  We crossed the road after taking this photo and spent three hours there! THREE HOURS!!

I’m still trying to work out who had more fun…. me or the children?  They behaved so well all the way there – and some of the way back. 

Happy 2008.

From York Minster (photo) to the Shambles, York is a small version of a large Eurpoean city.

History, architecture fun shops and good weather. All were there throughout our four-day visit. The children even managed to see the Tweenies live!

Watching London go by….

This is one of my favourite night shots of London. I have a large print of it displayed in my office. The unmistakable colours of Piccadilly Circus and the London bus/taxi create the perfect postcard moment.

It was a clear freeeezing night and this was the result of quite a few attempts. The light from the “Sanyo” sign in Piccadilly Circus gave this fantastic result. Apart from a little cropping, nothing was done on photoshop.

I’m in Picadilly Circus. I took my bike on the train into Waterloo and spent the whole day (I mean from 8am to 8pm so the whole day) taking photos of London. The weather was surprisingly helpful.

This photo was a special one because not long from now, we will not see many more of these classic double-decker buses. The Routemaster is slowly but surely disappearing from the streets of the capital 😦

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This is not somewhere in the Gulf… My wife worked in Portsmouth for two years so we got to know the place a little.  This tower was under construction during most of our visits. It’s called the Spinnaker Tower – “a 170 metre tall visitor attraction overlooking historical Portsmouth harbour and the Solent”.

More information here.

Big Ben is apparently the name of the bell in the clock.  I didn’t know that!

Update: This is the Clock Tower.  St Stephen’s Tower is another one.


All those who know me will know how much London means to me.This photo summarises many of the things I love about my favourite city in the world.

….. even (especially) when it’s raining.

Not many people can guess correctly where I took this photograph.  Most seem to think it’s South Asia somerhere.  In fact I took it in Woking Surrey.  This was the closest mosque to the office.  It also happens to be the Europe’s first purpose-built mosque – outside of Muslim Spain.  Read its full history here.

In the snoowwww…..

I think snow will always have this affect on me… I feel like a child.