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Two men, two meals, and two pastas – hence the silly title.  A few days ago, while shopping for football snacks with one of my brothers, we came across some fantastic king prawns.  We were sick of takeaways and decided to have a home-cooked meal for a change.  We added some fresh pasta to the basket and headed to the check-out.  I picked up some mince meat and penne for the following day.

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The perfect Saturday afternoon with a lovely barbeque lunch.  Chicken legs, burgers, lamb kebab and… my favourite sausages.  On the side: salads, chips and oven-baked rice.  All this washed down with slow-brewed tea, and Arabic coffee.

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Even at the best hotels, food is almost never as good as home cooked… I’m not a breakfast man during the week (needs to change) but when it’s the weekend, I enjoy nothing more.  A simple thing like eggs for breakfast is rarely simple during travel.  I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at the best hotels almost around the world (I’ve had my fair share of dodgy places too) – but that’s no guarantee.  The perfect mix of good toasted bread, properly prepared quality eggs and, of course, a proper coffee – is almost impossible to find.

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This is the first personal few minutes I’ve had since my arrival!  I took a taxi out of Paris, first thing Wednesday, and I’ve been busy ever since…  My journey out of Paris airport reminded me what an active airport CDG really is.  The number of long white clouds (from the jet engines) that lined the sky was impressive. After our meetings, there are receptions, followed by dinners, followed by late nights with colleagues, followed by more meetings the next day.  It will be a tough year and many companies are struggling.  We are no exception, so it’s important to agree on strategies.  

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Now I haven’t been to Turkey – but foodwise I feel as though I have.

This place is simply the best.  I have been to many parts of the world and am yet to find a doner/shawerma place of this quality.  The meat they use, the super fresh salad, the fresh chilli sauce, and the unquestionable service, make this one of the must stops during any visit to London.

My father introduced me to this place in 1989.  He and his study mates in the Seventies would make the trip from all over England for the then only halal place in London.  In 2008, the owners are still the same and the quality is the same if not better.

In true Bosphorus style, please post your comments about the place and I will share these with the people during my next visit.  For those who don’t know, the restaurant walls are covered with comments from customers from all over the world.

I highly recommed the “Lamb Burger” – but honestly all their grilled food is excellent.

Location is at 59 Old Brompton Road – South Kensington.  More information here.