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Sometimes it is different languages that cause variations in the way we spell particular words, other times it’s people with silly phases and fashions.  The younger generations spell using more numbers than characters, q8y, i8u etc.  Dis may tk ls tm 2 typ – but bloody hell it takes me ages to decipher.

We often find ourselves typing Arabic using latin letters, again with the aid of numbers.  Who came up with 6 and 3 to mean what everyone knows they mean.  In Kuwait, beoble have their own way of spelling almost every word.  I had a nursery near my house proudly named “Little Angle”.

I’m reading a book about punctuation – Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynn Truss – and it warms me to know I’m not alone.

Spelling and punctuation aside, the different meaning of the same word between languages could cause wars.  When I first moved to Denmark, I was looking through the leaflets at the hotel lobby for things to do. On the rotating stand was a huge poster, proudly announcing the FART TIMETABLE.  I couldn’t believe it. Just how organised are the Danes?  The morning after, I was told that “fart” means “speed” and that this was the timetable for the ferry between Copenhagen and Malmo.  I decided to stay 🙂