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It’s that time of year when we take back our garden and own the outside space of our home.   We maintain our small garden to give us pleasure all year from the window looking out, but during autumn and spring it offers us a more tangeable pay-back.

This post is a collection of images taken in the past few days.  It’s a small space with many users.

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Ok… This is the last Spring related post for the week. With us spending more time outside, and Sandy getting used to her new home (and garden), she now speeds around us whenever she’s excited. I don’t know how many times I have exhausted everyone in my family by asking them to run and to try to get her to chase them. All this to get the perfect shot of her running.  

Well, after 387 shots, this is unfortunately the best one I can offer.  It’s not perfect, but it does reflect her passion when running.

1. Sandy knows her way home from a walk.  

2. She recognises all members of her new family.  

3. She’s almost over her first cough/cold.

4. Her name tag is on its way from the engravers.  

So, now that she’s part of our family, I wanted a laptop wallpaper photograph of her. This was my favourite.

She’s all we talk about.  

We’ve named her Sandy and she’s officially the newest resident in Mangaf.  She made me walk for an hour last night.  Today is her first day out in our garden – and what a day for it.