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I haven’t had a chance to see Abu Dhabi.  This is my second trip here and the photograph sums up my experience of this changing city.  I zoom around from meeting to meeting and back to the hotel in the evening for a flight the next day.

I am so impressed by how much is happening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  In Kuwait, we have new towns and towers being built.  In these two cities, cities are being built within them.  I am a little concerned about who will fill these buildings? but impressive is too weak a word to describe the progress.

Driving out of Abu Dhabi, I saw Khalifa City.  This is four phases of houses after houses and more.  The other side of the highway has office blocks and apartment buildings.  Malls and leisure facilities are all around.  Huge road bridges connecting the two sides are being constructed.  Reem Island is another massive development with everything that you can imagine (and some that you can’t).  Good luck Abu Dhabi.

My absolute favorite sight today was the Grand Mosque.  The driver was going fast so I couldn’t get a good shot.  It’s definitely on my list of photographs for my next trip. I hope I get more time.

This is Kuwait’s Pompei…. The houses and neighbourhoods are as they were left in 1990 after the invasion. We drove around to get a feel of what life used to be like here (this was amazingly my first visit) and many had signs of the invasion (some of the bullet holes may have been caused by training after liberation as the island was a military area for a long time).

Failaka is now under many studies and some companies have full plans of what its future should look like. I have personally seen plans that a friend has been working on to build a whole touristic village in Greek style. It will have the largest (and most proffessional) health spa in the Middle East as well as hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. I hope to see it materialise before long…. Talking and drawing is easy!

Update 15 02 2008: The plans are cancelled and the company has pulled out of the project because of lack of cooperation.