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My last post had nothing but planned shots.  This image had almost zero planning.  It happens more often than we amateur photographers care to admit: That perfect accident when all the right ingredients jump into the baking tray, throw themselves into the oven, and instruct it on how long to cook them, and at what temperature.

A few weeks ago, I was taking shots of trucks and construction vehicles for my Mangaf blog.  This photo stood out from the rest.  It has that special feel to it – that differentiates an acceptable photo from an exceptional one.

Analysing it today, I can see why I like it.  The letters in the logo have a ‘used’ – almost abused – feel to them, which adds a rugged feel to the already-macho bulldozer.  The second half of the word is missing, but it’s such a well known brand that almost everyone will read the full thing in their mind.  The focal point is the letter ‘A’ which is also the place that Caterpillar place their emphasis via the little yellow triangle.  Finally, the way the photo is broken into the rule of thirds, both horizontally and vertically, creates an interesting result.

I did compose and take the above image.  I can’t, however, take credit for knowing any of these factors at the time of shooting.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The weather has been wonderful this weekend.  I love the clear blue sky, occasionally decorated with faint clouds.  We had a nice desert walk on Friday morning, and spent most of Saturday on the beach.  It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this relaxed.

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I was driving around construction sites in our area looking for updates for my Mangaf blog.  Some opportunities seem to only present themselves when you put in the effort, and walk.  I liked the abstract feel, aged colours and depth that this opportunity offered.

Many Kuwaitis, most I hope, want to see change.  Positive change.  The elections next month are fast gaining the feel of now-or-never. I feel optimistic this time.  I hope the next parliament and new government work to bring this beautiful country back to the forefront. 

On my travels, I capture the old and the new – and quite often I capture change.  It occured to me today that apart from my Mangaf blog, I don’t look closer to home.Kuwait City is going through a massive change.  The skyline changes by the week and I haven’t posted enough about it.  

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This place changes by the month.  I’m sure it’s the fastest changing city in the Gulf. The speedy change usually kills any soul of the older places, but here they’re a bit more aware of its importance.  The area of Souq Waqif has been restored and extended beautifully.

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