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Over two thousand photographers gathered in Trafalgar Square yesterday.  They were ‘fighting’ for their right to take photos in public – without being asked questions.

I’ve recently returned from London, and I must admit it remains the most photographer-friendly city I visit.  I was only ever stopped once, in front of Ealing Townhall, and it wasn’t an unpleasant experience.  The policeman looked at the photos on my camera, I showed him my ID and everyone moved on.  It took less than five minutes.

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I’m not experienced in designing websites, nor am I fluent in html.  A few years ago, I had a website which I designed using Microsoft Publisher but I didn’t like the tedious work involved in uploading the files.  Whether it’s because things in general have advanced, or in fact that the Mac world has always been more friendly, using iWeb is a completely different story.  I can update a website’s content literally with a press of a button.

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A few months ago I cleaned my father’s old camera and serviced it fully ready for use.  I wanted to bring it London where he bought it over thirty years ago – and take some memorable shots with it.

I’m sure you will agree that the result is not disappointing.  I was happy with quite a few shots.  This one was by far my favourite.

This is my father’s camera.  I worked on it in April and I think it’s ready for the road.  It’s 30 + years old and I want to take it back to London where my father purchased it.  He mentioned that there was a Jubilee special – so this would make it 1976 right?