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It all started in 2004.  I registered a www address (mEYEworld for those who remember) and uploaded my favourite photographs.  No words, just pictures – aiming at a photograph a week.  It didn’t work as well as I wanted, and apart from two readers, I had only one visit from the outside world.  In 2006, I started IkarosImages and advertised it on every outgoing email to every friend and family member.  My total number of readers for that soared to 4.  Yes including my wife…  

In 2008, I learned a little more about blogging and noticed how the results of search engines seriously included some posts. I started and immediately felt that I’ve opened to a different world.  A world with real readers ad genuine interest.

This post is to thank you ALL for coming back again and again.  I have so much pleasure and pride in writing that today – and after less than ten months – I had 10,000 visits!  In the blogging world this is by no means anything significant.  Do however compare it to the above and you will soon see the reason for the candles… It’s a huge achievement for me personally.  It’s an average of a 1000 a month and is beyond any of my wildest predictions.

Your comments, compliments and advice are huge drivers.  Please keep those coming.