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We moved to Mangaf in 2006 and I started in January 2007.  It documents the town’s developments, news and events.  I search for important news and potential plans for the Mangaf and the surrounding area.  The idea is for this blog to become a diary of the new town.


  1. Thank you so much, BuYousef!
    While we are going through mass re-locating process from the foothills of Canadian Rocky Mountains to an unknown country Kuwait, your pictures and your passion towards the country and Mangaf has erased some of our concerns to move to the next step of living experience.
    My husband was offered a job at KOC and we figured from the satellite map that we may live in Mangaf! (Thanks to the technology!)
    I love gardening (well, in cold cold Calgary, there are only 4 months non-frozen months,  ), but we are planning to rent a high rise apartment in Mangaf. I am just wondering if we can find a reasonable single house that my gardening dream in Kuwait can come true. Your insight? Thank you in advance! Oh, I love photographing too!! Yannie

  2. hey BuYousef!

    whats up? 😉

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