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I sometimes write about our pigeons, but I wanted a dedicated page for Project Birds’ Eye and the associated film.  This page was just that, but after just two posts, it started to get messy.   So I statred


  1. Perfect

  2. Thank you casttro.
    What a hugely encouraging first comment.

  3. LLLOOOLLLL! What a trip! So we are seeing from the pigeon’s point of view? He flew around and landed a few buildings away and even turned toward home a few times – that was the coop on the roof?

    Oh, what fun! Please, when you can, show us what a pigeon looks like with the equipment on! This is very very cool.

    How do your kids like it?

  4. 🙂 Yup. Now you can see why I prefer homing pigeons. They’re a little more daring. Indeed that was the coop on the roof.

    It’s great fun – very different. Fascinating to look at what they see. I will try to get that photo… but it’s not easy!

    The children liked watching the film for about 10 seconds. I don’t think they can appreciate what’s happening. They were more excited when he looked at (and therfore filmed) other pigeons.

  5. Thank you Charcoal. Now I know where Bu Yousef lives! happy navigation!

  6. As usual… You get the point of the post and your comment is 200% relevant.

  7. That is honestly fantastic! The music is so chill! Gotta love it!

    Cool pigeons! Keep the tradition going!

  8. I [heart] Charcoal. Way to go homie…yo!

    Thanks to Charcoal, now I know where exactly Bu Yousef lifes B-)

    Go Charcoal Go!

  9. absolutely fantastic!!!!

    i was just gonna say the same thing as intlxpatr. i want to see the pigeon with the camera attached to him…

    brilliant idea bu yousef!

  10. — Marzouq
    Thank you. I first chose ‘Come Fly With Me’ by Sinatra – but I though it was too cheesy. I searched on YouTube and they offered many! This Jazz piece is called ‘My Bird Can Fly’!! 🙂

    — Akbar
    I’m bored of your useless comments! How do people who know you put up with you?
    Either write something useful or …
    Let your superb detective skills fill the gap.

    — sadia
    Thank you. I will try 🙂

  11. how about that iMovie

  12. When you said (on one of my posts) ‘you haven’t seen anything yet’ – or something like that about the Mac, I didn’t think much.

    You see I only buy original software (therefore expensive to buy everything) and I’m not into games etc. I knew this would have been it with the iPhoto wnd iWeb… Then I saw what iMovie can do!!!!!! Oh my GOD.

    Your words flashed on my screen the day I did this video :). It took an hour to edit! I used it as if I was doing it for years.

  13. Wow, so glad I stumbled across this, it’s all kinds of *neat*.

    It would be nice to get a still photography camera to take pics at certain intervals, with shutter speed high enough to get crisp individual pics (how fast would you need for pigeon flight?). Complicated and unwieldy equipment though, probably.

    Good luck with your project, and hard luck about your camera. Looking forward to more Avian Adventures!

  14. mabrook! 2 new babies in the nursery!

    “The size of the net allows sparrows and other small birds to come in and out for a snack and a drink.” – cuteness!!

  15. Oh, BuYousef, I checked in today so I could show my husband the video of the pigeon view of the flight, and saw the photo of the bird with the camera equipment on, and then – oh horrors! Learned of the disaster.

    I am SO sorry. I bet it was expensive equipment, too, and oh, what fun it was to see the first flight.

    Was this Charcoal again? And he just didn’t like it?

  16. @ Eostre
    Welcome. I’m also glad you stumbled upon this page. Nice to see readers of this adventure 🙂

    The camera allows timed photos but as you said, the shutter speed is too slow. I will stick to video for now (when I get another).

    @ sadia
    Thank you 🙂

    @ intlxpatr
    It’s no fun if it’s easy. It is a shame of course, but it will give me time to redesign the ‘jacket’.

    It wasn’t charcoal. It was the pigeon in the picture with the camera attached. This photo was taken 10 minutes before the camera disappeared in the sand of Mangaf.. or on someone’s head?

  17. @ intlxpatr
    I hope AdventureMan enjoyed the first video.

  18. We were dying laughing at the video, a pigeon’s view of the world. We watched it several times, actually, and saw new things every time.

    But then we stopped laughing when we saw that the equipment had been lost and you were worried about whether the pigeon would even come back.

    I can’t help but think what a wonderful thing it is to have a passion for something, and for your children to be able to watch all this happening, even the disappointment, which only makes the successes sweeter. It sure gives us joy watching the movie. (Wooo HOOO Apple/Mac/iMovie!)

    We were dying laughing trying to imagine you, getting the camera on, holding the pigeon in one hand and trying to get far enough away with the camera in the other to get a good shot, as the pigeon struggled to get free!

  19. 🙂 wow that was so good. the video coverage the footage too! 🙂 lovely birds-view!
    stumbled upon it only after reading intlxpatr making a mention of it.
    what an adventure indeed! a pity the camera had to be lost, and was wondering if it was a light weight one, didnt weigh down too much? on the bird.

  20. Thanks onlooker.
    Very light weight… I wouldn’t use it otherwise. It’s the size of a chewing gum pack, and weighs half that – at most.

  21. BuYousef, your link isn’t working for me. 😦

  22. Thanks intlxpatr. Fixed… Try it now… nothing new yet though.

  23. Thank you so much, BuYousef!
    While we are going through mass re-locating process from the foothills of Canadian Rocky Mountains to an unknown country Kuwait, your pictures and your passion towards the country and Mangaf has erased some of our concerns to move to the next step of living experience.
    My husband was offered a job at KOC and we figured from the satellite map that we may live in Mangaf! (Thanks to the technology!)
    I love gardening (well, in cold cold Calgary, there are only 4 months non-frozen months,  ), but we are planning to rent a high rise apartment in Mangaf. I am just wondering if we can find a reasonable single house that my gardening dream in Kuwait can come true. Your insight? Thank you in advance! Oh, I love photographing too!! Yannie

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