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This is my first post without a photo and indeed my last on  I’ve been putting it off for sometime now, but this Eid holiday allowed me to give it some attention.  Photography is a huge part of my life and for a while now my portfolio images (without my write-ups) lived in a different virtual space to my blog.  I’m pleased to finally announce my new website: Utter Release.

I moved all the content of this blog to its new home, and will work on tidying up as I get comfortable moving in.  The last post, ‘Getting High’, gives an idea of how the new blog will be presented.  The size of the photos is larger which should push me to only include better images.

I am grateful to all my visitors and friends and I hope you join me there.  I want to add a special thanks to those who added me on their list of links, and hope you find the time to redirect them to the new website.

I know there are many linked stories to the content on this blog and I will keep it all online without change.  The only thing I had to do is to lock all the comments.

The link is and if you want to go directly to the blog, it’s

Do please stay in touch.

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