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One of my favourite apps for the iPad is Flipboard. It puts all your feeds into a nice magazine-look, making many of the images and links visible.  The app is still young and full of potential. I use it for leisure reading and to stay current with all my feeds from twitter and Facebook.   As well as their suggested content, it’s possible to split your subjects by your own twitter lists.   I therefore started adding to the many photographers I follow – something I’d been hesitating with recently as I couldn’t effectively read the many posts.  My content is now getting richer and richer by the day.

The developers started a fun thing the other day when they encouraged people to share their covers.  I sent mine in from an old blog entry and saw yesterday that they had chosen it among a selection for yesterday’s post on their blog.  Yes… flattery works, but I liked the app anyway.


    • Mathai
    • Posted 15 October 2010 at 6:48 pm
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    Their interface looks neat 🙂

  1. awesome !!!!

    any plan to bring flipboard to chrome os ?

  2. Very interesting App! I wonder how to add photographers!

    I will try it out! Thanks!

    They were smart to add your picture to the front! 😉

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