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Yousef was at a football-themed birthday party today.  His school’s last-day-party also has a football theme.  Football fever is everywhere I look.  Tonight is England’s first game.  I’ve supported England for as long as I remember and, in true fatherly fashion, I’m imposing this onto my children.

This is a great timetable which I came across on SomeContrast – please note the time difference means you add an hour to get Kuwait time.  Whoever you’re supporting, enjoy the World Cup!


    • maitham
    • Posted 12 June 2010 at 3:38 pm
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    nice !

  1. Thats a fantastic photo! I don’t know who I’m supporting! Going to look for the underdog in the later stages!

    • If England get knocked out, I’ll be doing the same :_

  2. Fathers 😛 shako gaseb 6eeb lazem e3yalkom eshaj3oon your team?!! loool My brother bought everything Arsenal for his baby.. Shakooo?!! Let him choose his team 😛

    LooL but I support England too..

    • 🙂 Because we know we can when they’re young. They’ll soon develop their own opinions and tell us where to go…

    • onlooker
    • Posted 13 June 2010 at 5:17 pm
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    🙂 hope he wasnt too disappointed!!

    • Fortunately, he fell asleep before Green let in a ball that Yousef himself could have saved 🙂

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