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This is my first attempt in a local photography competition.  I’ve tried a couple of times online (National Geographic and British Airways’ HighLife magazine) but this time I had to provide prints, which somehow made it feel more real.  I read about the competition on Mathai’s blog some time ago.  The deadline is tomorrow, so if you’re interested you will need to hurry up. Link.

There are three categories: Portraits, Macro and Electronics (no… I don’t get the last one either).  Whilst I’m not a fan of photos taken by phone-cameras, I thought they should have included it as one of the categories – being a mobile phone company.  With the help of my family, I took the shots that I dreamt up during my flight back from Egypt.  For electronics, I couldn’t think of anything interesting enough, so I went with an old SIM card.  This is my UK line which I’ve had for many many years.  The signs of usage add to the intrigue of the close-up view.

The gorgeous flowers above don’t live in our garden;  I had to make an exception this time. Finally, a special thanks to Yousef and Noor for being so helpful in posing during their precious afternoon playtime.  Saturday was, thank God, before the dust storms.  The afternoon sun provided the perfect lighting.

Please say mashallah


    • Mathai
    • Posted 10 June 2010 at 7:49 am
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    Mashallah! I wish you all the best BuYousef 🙂

    I love the macro of the SIM card, thought it was some pattern on a wall. 🙂

  1. These are wonderful. I too was drawn in by the sim card, but then I saw the expressions of your children. You caught the perfect moment. Bravo!

    • Thanks Andre. My wife ensured they were in a good mood when we stepped out to the garden 🙂

  2. Hey, I just noticed this post of yours is featured on the photography tag page for today. Congrats my friend!

    • Thank you 🙂 I never browsed this tag-page. On my reading list from now on.

  3. Mashallah!
    Great work!

    • Um Yousef
    • Posted 10 June 2010 at 9:51 am
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    Lovely photos-good luck 🙂

    • onlooker
    • Posted 10 June 2010 at 2:41 pm
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    each one unique in its own way, though the last one is amazing, a classic take! mashallah! 🙂

  4. Nice marco shots of the flowers and your kids are beautiful…
    Good luck on the competition.

  5. Great photos! The Macros are fantastic!

    Bu-Yousif! The last picture of your daughter! Mashalla Mashalla Mashalla! she is an angel! Alah ya7futh’ha! Mashalla I love that photo! Reminds me of my niece and how much little girls can melt anyone’s heart! Again Mashalla! I can never say it enough!

    Seriously, my hat goes off to you my friend! You have out done yourself! Keep it up!

    • Little girls always melt my heart 🙂
      Thanks for the kind words, Marzouq

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