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Within presentations and reports for work, I try to make the boring text and numbers a little more interesting.  In the main, I use photos of terminals, tank farms and refineries from a distance; but I also like using shots from a nearby town.  Last year I used an image of Sur in Oman when discussing the LNG terminal located there.  It gave the people who don’t leave the office a feeling for where our equipment ends up around the world.

Unfortunately, the oil industry is not very photographer-friendly.  Almost all my meetings are in no-photography zones.  Sometimes the reason is genuine: avoiding the use of electronics in areas with gas and chemicals; most times however it’s due to this horrible word: Security! I don’t understand it… Aren’t all the sites are visible on Google Earth anyway?

I took this shot yesterday after a meeting in Jebel Ali (Dubai).  There were no signs prohibiting photography and I was outside the main wall.  It’s not fantastic, but I do like how it came out.  It will feature in my visit report for the UAE later this week.


  1. Its not the photography at times its the thought of sharing with your readers or shall I say hungry readers 😉

    I have worked in the desert for 5 years I know there are no good scenes around except sand storms :p

    Have a safe trip…

    • Thanks.

      I’ve always been more on the downstream side, so I don’t know deserts 🙂

  2. any meetings in Dubai next Tuesday?

  3. I agree. Some of the best presentations I’ve seen hardly contain any words, but pictures to tickle an emotion or, dare I say it, tell a story.

    I have since tried to copy that style and though it’s not near as good as I want them to be, I can see the effects are good. Now I try to embody videos too…

    If you want, there is one site I follow for inspiration which you might find useful too:

    Love the picture by the way, I’m a sucker for the abstract!

    • Thank you for the site, Mahmood. A quick glance and I know it’s going to be useful. Their latest post uses TED talks as an example. I have watched every single TED talk and there are some fantastic presentations with wonderful style.

  4. I know what you mean! That term drives me nuts! I hate when they tell me that! I honestly love taking pictures, and so its annoying dealing with security, and I don’t play nice with security!

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