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Kuwait’s Special Forces put on a fun show at Kuwait Towers last Saturday.  It was the first of its kind and a great success.  It started on time (wow) and was very impressive indeed.  Helicopters, men on ropes (often head first) and beautiful use of flag-coloured smoke.

The weather was perfect and there were many families to cheer on the brave young men.    Below are some more images from that afternoon.

There is always one… isn’t there?

Can you imagine doing this at this height?

It was a very tidy setup.  Barriers were in the right places – allowing good views and safe distance.   Police were controlling the safe zones and did a great job with the traffic too.

This is my dear friend Ali.  He’s a Lieutenant Colonel with the Special Forces, and it was he who told me about this event.  I’m very pleased I was in Kuwait for it.  Thank you, Ali.

Happy Independence Day, Kuwait! To you and those who love you…


    • Mathai
    • Posted 25 February 2010 at 10:39 pm
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    I wish I knew about it earlier 😦
    Nice shots, especially the 6th one from the bottom. Very sharp and good details. 🙂

    • Thanks… Good choice 🙂 That’s my favourite too… I kept the shutter at 1/60 as no tripod. Sharp result with movement captured on the propeller.

  1. Amazing show. I wish I would have seen it in real life, but your photographs are at least giving us a taste. I love the image of the men hanging upside down from the tower. Truly fearless.


  3. Wow Thats Amazing! I’m honestly annoyed I missed this! It wasn’t publicized enough! That is fantastic that they did something like this! They did a great job!

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