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My travel has increased dramatically this month and I just don’t have any spare time.  I was in Bahrain and Saudi last week, Qatar and Dubai this week, and finally France and Germany next week.  March should be a little lighter.

I was going through our photos and found this one.  I took it back in 2006, when Yousef was just over two.  I had been trying out a new lens in the garden as Yousef watched from the doorway.  When I realised I had the keys in my pocket, I asked him to close the door.  He hesitated, as that would have left him alone inside… His confusion created a wonderful natural expression – which I had to capture.  As mean as it was to do, I’m so glad I did it.


  1. i like the contrast of this picture the color of the door and the expression of youssef…A picture just in time..i thought he was playing hide and seek :O)

    • Thank you. It does look like H&S.

  2. mmmm I am sure its getting hectic now will all this travel but make sure you fill us with all the pictures when you are back 🙂

    • Well… so far nothing new from Khobar, Manama or Doha. We will see Dubai (I may have a couple of hours free). But I have plans for Hamburg. It will be my first visit there…

  3. love the picture

    • Mathai
    • Posted 15 February 2010 at 11:22 pm
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    Dont burn yourself out BuYousef. Like my college buddy used to say ” all that matters is if you have enough money at the end of the day to buy yourself a pint” 🙂
    Inshallah you’ll get some rest during Liberation weekend.

    • Our business is very ‘lumpy’… nothing at times and everything at others… I had a very easy second half of Jan/first week of Feb. Now it’s payback time 🙂

  4. Love the red and the contrast its creating with the blog background …poor Yousef looks scared, he is properly thinking what the hell is my father doing with that thing in his hand!!!

    • Maybe… but he’s been seeing cameras pointing into his face since birth 🙂

  5. Bo Yousef your pics are amazing

  6. The concentration pulls you to the red while not seeing the subject right away! Amazing photo! Love the hand on the door 😀

    • Thank you 🙂
      Got your email. Good luck!

    • Q80BOY
    • Posted 17 February 2010 at 3:57 pm
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    lol i saw the photo and thought when did he get a baby son? then i read on and realized it’s Yousef 😛

    .. great photo!! 😉

  7. Nice Pic
    o ytrba b3zek inshalah

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