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We went bowling on Wednesday.  It was our first time as a family, and I cannot recommend it enough.  No gadgets, no phones, no inturruptions, just good quality family time full of fun with a competitive spirit.

We also confirmed that the earth is not flat.  Noor’s method was very interesting:  she would place the ball on the line, and with one hand ‘roll’ it forward.  Half an hour or so later, we would hear a pin or two falling …

The side supports on the alleys are a great way to make the day less frustrating for the children.  They are almost guaranteed to hit something.

Have a nice weekend.


    • Cheryl
    • Posted 5 February 2010 at 2:23 pm
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    Hi Mohammad. This is the first time I have posted even though Noreen told me about this blog months ago. I love the interesting way that you view the world. It has inspired me to not always go for the ‘norm’ when taking photos. I especially love the one or Noor at the end. It shows what a blast you all had!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Hello, Cheryl. I’m often next to Noreen when you’re chatting on Facebook 🙂

      I love looking at the alternative to the ‘norm’… It makes it more fun. Great photographers do this exceptionally well. I can’t believe how the same subject is viewed (and captured) so differently… I’m learning all the time – and I don’t think it ever stops. Enjoy it.

      Thank you for your comment, which I really appreciate. Do please visit again.

  1. Nice pics great colours ..Nour is full of life i like the last one nice week end

    • nq8
    • Posted 6 February 2010 at 6:51 pm
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    which bowling alley is this?

  2. Beautiful family shines like a star in ordinary things. Beauty!

    • Mathai
    • Posted 8 February 2010 at 6:39 am
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    looks like you guys had a nice time! lol @ Noor’s technique, I have a friend who does the same 😀

  3. great pic 🙂 I love Yousef’s face expressions in the 3rd pic …

  4. You have beautiful Children Mohammad. I love the expressions in the third and last image. The pictures look so natural.

  5. alah ekhaleehum lik o yitraboon ib 3izik inshalla!

    My bowling skills are close to zero, I manage to slide into the bowling lane itself!

  6. Does bowling with a nintendo Wii count?
    Loving the shots.

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