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Monthly Archives: October 2009

If Chicago is the windy city, and Paris the city of love, then Cairo has got to be the city of contrast.  Every extreme of anything in life is all around.  You see it live as you walk the streets and drive through this huge, bustling and sprawling metropolis.  On the same street corner you will find the latest luxury cars, a ‘thing’ that can barely be called a car and a donkey-drawn-carriage selling vegetables.  This doesn’t even begin to describe the extremes one sees in this place.

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This is one place I haven’t visited on my previous trips to Cairo.  Today, I managed to find some time to go to the Cairo Citadel and take a few shots.

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I am in Cairo on a short business trip.  So far all I managed  is a late afternoon walk.  I thought the second day would give me some more time to catch up with the city – my last visit here was a few years ago – but I just learned that my second meeting will be in Alexandria…

I hope to be able to get a few shots of here and ‘zair’…

Whilst we often work hard to get the perfect shot, some just seem to seek us.  This scene was waiting for me earlier this afternoon.  I walked into our living room, looked out to the balcony and there it was!  Perfect angle from the sunlight, sitting at the top of the balcony fence and perfectly matching the colours of the distant background.   I raced downstairs to grab my camera and approached it slowly to get this result.

It’s the first dragonfly we’ve seen this autumn.  In Kuwait it’s considered a sign of good luck…

It’s been a while… I was busy catching up with my family, work, and tonight with friends.

We need some pictures for our dining room wall.  No fruits nor flowers are allowed! The obvious choice is therefore the most important ingredient after any meal.  Not that I need a reminder…

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Staying in a ‘flying theme;… the battery charger for my camera is no longer working. I just travelled to Qatar (and back) and had to leave my camera at home.  I will get a replacement as soon as possible.  In the meantime, enjoy some of the shots taken on my return flight from Paris.