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First day of school and the first signs of things returning to ‘normal’ since May!

Ramadan still has an effect (meal times, sleep pattern, extra socialising) and I miss the scent and taste of coffee in the morning.  But apart from that, as the children return to school and as we near the middle of the holy month, I can see things slowly but surely falling into place.  I can’t wait for the boring routine of everyday…

The photo above is of Yousef taken earlier this morning.


  1. allah ye5aleeh lekum enshallah

    • bloggermathai
    • Posted 2 September 2009 at 2:40 pm
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    Yousef seems so happy to go back to school, I remember a lot of kicking, shouting and screaming when my brother and I had to go back after summer hols. 😀

    • We (and by we I mean my wife!) have been preparing him positively.

  2. yes, can sense an air(sigh!) of huge relief from all parents, and a sigh of a different kind from the teachers!! 🙂

    • maitham
    • Posted 2 September 2009 at 4:11 pm
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    nice 🙂

  3. Allah yekhaleeh lekum enshallah!

    Hope the kids have a wonderful year at school!

  4. i wish I was that happy about starting school on sunday 😛

  5. I was a brat when I was a kid! I would try sleeping in more! lol

  6. You should take another photo after a couple of weeks and tittle the post “before” & “after” 😉

    • Try after a day! A lot can happen in a day 🙂

  7. Nice shot! Love the DOF in this one? What is the aperture for this, if you don’t mind my asking?

  8. He is cute..and happy to go school!! it is unusual!!! 🙂

    • Yes… It’s even unusual for Yousef… I give it a week 🙂

  9. My kids been OK with going to school the last couple of days….scares the hell out of me…!! 🙂 hope it stays that way.
    Its that million dollar smile that makes you want to start the day!

  10. So how is Yousef doing? Does he like his teacher? My son – almost his entire school career – when I would ask what he liked about school, would answer “lunch” or “recess” or “the last school bell.” When he was leaving university he looked at me and said “I know how to be a good student – what I don’t know how to do is be a grown-up!” I laughed at the change. He hated school; he loved university, where he could make his own choices.

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