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The light-writing exercise the other night made me realise just how terrible my tripod is.  I ended up using a table instead.  I’ve had it for four years and, if I’m honest, used it very little.  It was useless with larger lenses so my monopod became a better friend. Today, I replaced it with this one and am looking forward to using it more often.

The test shot above is of our fish tank.  It was taken in very low light (only the aquarium lamp) and the shutter speed was not too slow (but slow).  I still managed a perfectly still shot.  To put it through a reasonable test, I used the massive Sigma 50-500 lens at 200mm.  I was standing about three metres from the tank and I think you will agree the result isn’t bad at all.

The real test will be outdoor night photography – which I will find some time for soon.  I will use the old one as a stand for the remote flash.


    • bloggermathai
    • Posted 21 August 2009 at 9:03 am
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    Nice shot ! and you have parrot fish ! I love those guys 🙂

    • Thanks… That’s all we have. Strong little buggers.

  1. The picture is very nice! It looks like it was a painting rather than a photograph!

    I love the fish!

  2. fantastic shot !

    cant wait for the real test 🙂

    • Will test it with a nice photo of moving traffic some time…

  3. this post is too technical for me, i still can’t figure out how to shoot in the dark with my CyberShot…i always end up with photos like these

    i like the effects but what if i don’t want them

    • Sorry… Some time back this would have meant noting to me neither.

      For your night photos I will say this:
      Because there is not enough light (night) the camera has to keep the shutter open longer, to allow more light onto the sensor, to create the image. Because this is happening while you’re holding the camera, ANY and I do mean ANY movement is recorded. The subject must be absolutely still and so does your hand otherwise there will be a blur (shake) effect. To control this, a tripod is the only way. You put the camera on a tripod (which means no movement) and you use the self timer to take the shot so that your finger pressing the button doesn’t shake the image.

      Good luck.

  4. The results are fantastic! I agree with you, a solid tripod makes a huge difference! The funny part is that I lost the camera attachment to my solid tripod and now I have to resort to using the crappy one!

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