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Can you hear her?  I certainly can.  She’s singing loud and clear announcing the end of my holiday.  I’ve had a wonderful break and I’m very thankful. Tomorrow is the first day back in the office, and I have over 400 emails to go through.  This excludes silly emails from IT and others – I deleted those once a day from my Blackberry.

I will be ‘offline’ a few days while I do some catching up.  I hope I don’t end up in too many meetings…


  1. Holiday dump ? lol ! Sorting thru emails after a vacation is boring work 😦

    • 🙂 I had to ‘dump’ the emails otherwise my inboc would get clogged up.

  2. Oh god! Good Luck! I hate those pile ups! I tend to check my mail once a week to try to soften the damage!

    • Thanks!

      I spent about 10 minutes every day clearing the urgent messages and deleting unnecessary ones. If I’m spending more than that a day – it wouldn’t have been a real break.

      422 to go!

  3. Welcome back!! Goodluck with getting back to work! Hopefully it won’t be too hectic!

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