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I had some time while at this rather attractive station so I decided to take a few shots.  I can never work it out: Is it that designs were better and bolder in days gone by? Or is it that the effect of time helps add a soul?  The supporting structure for the sheds at Paddington Station are both simple and elaborate.  Try achieving this mix – in today’s straight line madness.

In order to have a uniform colour and feel on this post, I would have usually gone for Black & White.  The main reason is the varied colours of people’s clothes in the last two photographs.  However I was inspired to use Sepia by the original colour of the structure.  Have a look at the header photograph in its original format here.


  1. nice shots, remind me of world war one

  2. Wow ! brilliant decision to go with Sepia. Gives it much more depth and feeling than if it were in B&W.

    On my vacation I was stopped by the cops for taking pics at the station 😦

  3. Very nice shots! looks like the lady in the 2nd to last shot didn’t want you snapping pictures of her! loool!

    • 🙂 She didn’t say anything – so I put the face down to bright flashes…

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