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I have around ten books about photography, a couple of which I’ve read at least three times.  The basic information is the same and starts to become repetitive – but it’s good to understand the basics.  I took an online ‘course’ in 2006 but that didn’t really offer anything more than the books.  I decided the best way forward was to play… and play I very much did. I have around thirty thousand images to sort as a result!

I looked around for a suitable course, both in Kuwait and London, and I found a polarised choice.  It was either the very basic training, which one can get from a good book, or specialised training in disciplines such as Lighting, Product Photography, Sport Photography etc.  General courses are either aimed at a level for people who need to be told how to press a button (sometimes twice!), or are run by artists who encourage you to break the rules and work outside the norms.  It would help if they described these norms – but I honestly don’t think they know them.

I finally decided the best way forward is to continue to ‘play’ but to do it in style.  I signed up for a Nikon course designed specifically for my camera.  They cover functionalities, capabilities, tricks, shortcuts and a general familiarisation with this weapon of mass distraction.

Today was day one of two.  The above cheerful boy cycled past Nikon’s Head Office in Kingston when we were taking some practice shots outside.


  1. Nice panning! What is the EXIF data on this?

  2. I ask becasue I’m planning on doing some panning shots one of these days, so it’ll be good to know where to get a start. 🙂

    • Good luck…
      Slower shutter with active focus.

  3. You are right about the repetetive nature of most books.
    Let me know how the course turns out.
    Meanwhile I have a small tip: Let your subject move into the frame instead of out.
    Sorry I couldn’t resist, your picture is nearly perfect.

    • 🙂 I was concentrating on a new technique for focusing correctly. Fully agree with you – the framing/composition is better as you describe.

  4. I am looking for a photography course in Kuwait too!

    It looks like it was a wonderful day.

  5. Thats great! I need to take a course on motion photography as well.. I just can’t seem to get it right! Very nice shot!

    Post up what you think is the best of breed from your motion shots!

  6. Nice work ! Hope you get the most out of your D300 ( if i remember correctly)

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