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Today is my first day off work!  The photograph was taken from the Free Zone late Wednesday morning.  The dust seems to be gone this morning so I hope it will be a nice weekend for Kuwait.  As for me, I’m at the airport leaving for a break.

I will be off work for almost three weeks… the first break longer than two weeks in almost ten years.  Thank God for holidays.  I will spend some of this time in London.


  1. Bon Voyage ! Everyone needs a break now and then. Enjoy yourself and have fun 🙂

  2. enjoy it, and keep us posted…can’t wait to take mine

    • 🙂 thanks… it’ll be worth the wait!

  3. Fantastic, u should take more breaks such as these! Go Enjoy it with your family! Snap some pictures in London! 🙂

    • Thanks… Will take breaks whenever I can… I’m a great believer of holidays helping performance.

      Will post many pics. stay tuned 🙂

  4. Happy Holidays! 🙂 And as everyone else has stated, keep us posted, looking forward to some awesome pictures, and captions too!

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