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I’m back in Kuwait.  I was driving home from the airport when I noticed the temperature – something we take for granted here.  It’s hard to describe where forty-plus-degrees-celsius-heat comes from when the sun is nowhere to be seen! Look at my car’s thermometer after 8pm and more than an hour after sunset.

I saw it at 46 when driving near Messilah and then it dropped back to 44.  At almost 11pm it was still 40!

I need a holiday.


  1. Too much heat for me. I cannot stand it really hot. Sometimes I miss snow. Looks like your car is still new.

    • My car is new… but not this new 🙂

      This is a loan car while they fix the bumper. It was hit whilst parked on my driveway – the coward drove off!

  2. What make/model is this? And what do you drive? I like the dashboard on this car… *a LOT*!

  3. get some underwater tools for ur camera and go to Sharm for a weekend -not more- 😉

  4. Yes would think everyone out there do require a break, a cool wet one if possible! 🙂

    glad am away!

  5. yeah… I am not taking a vacation anytime soon :-S My leave is around New Year’s

  6. I honestly don’t mind the heat, I prefer staying here in the summer rather then leaving because the country is mostly empty which is pretty good.

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