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That’s all I’ve done today! We’re exhibiting at Gastech in Abu Dhabi.  Our stand is looking good after our final touches yesterday.  I say final touches but it took us until half past eight in the evening to finish off.  The nice little model you see above was damaged during transit.  It took three hours to fix it!  Business has been bad this year – so this is a good time for this event.

Like many things, The Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi is about twenty years ahead of Kuwait!  I love the scale this city works on.  It’s time we started to take the same giant steps! 

I’m staying at the impressive Emirates Palace.  I hope I get some time to take a few snaps of the palace and the rest of the property.  I will of course write a post if I do. 





  1. Very cool model! What do you mean about scale of business in Abu Dhabi? In oil or the exhbition or the building itself?

    Take more pics!

    Alah ewafigkum inshalla!

  2. Thanks Marzouq.

    I mean business globally and in general – including the oil service and equipment sector (ours).

    Thanks again 🙂

  3. Thats a nice model ! was it made in Kuwait ? All the best with your exhibit and have fun.

    ps. good photo ops at Abu Dhabi Corniche 😉

  4. It was made in France – by a retired employee of the same company so very familiar with our equipment. It’s a fully functioning model. Thanks.

    Corniche? No way unfortunately… I just hope to get some free time to see the rest of my hotel!

  5. Your booth is awesome. It makes Kuwait look like the cutting edge.

  6. Thanks… I’m afraid the only Kuwaiti thing here is me! FMC is a US registered company and our division’s head office is in France.

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