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Back in February, I read a post by Adrenaline about Motocross in Kuwait.  After a couple of attempts and finally getting the date and location right, I was there for the final race of last season.  I manged to take quite a few photographs on the day, and I posted about it late March.  I sent the post and photographs to Bazaar magazine, who answered me on the same day expressing interest.  I then had a brief meeting with the organisors to make sure they were happy with my plan, and I wrote a small piece as requested by Bazaar.  

They agreed to publish it and will pay me 20KD for it.  In your comments, please recommend favourite charities and I will donate it to one of them.  The article is in this month’s issue.  In the printed world, this is my first ever published ‘work’ both as a photograph and a written piece.  Here is a link to the article online.  I hope it makes you smile.


  1. Thats very nice of you! I think Bazaar maagazine is one of the few that remains to have quality in Kuwait when it comes to the cafe magazines.

  2. That’s a nicely written article. You consider publishing more!
    Hmmm, and in terms of charity work … I would say either Operation Hope:
    for their serious work to help the laborers

    Or Animal Friends, a very serious NGO that’s concerned with protecting animals and the environment.

  3. Sorry, Animal Friend’s website is:

  4. Mabrook ! Nice article, your narration really describes it as from the perspective of a person who has no idea about motorcross 😛 . You should do this more often.

  5. wow! the feeling of seeing ones work in print must ve been awesome! 🙂 congrats!starting of a journalistic journey! 🙂

  6. Be carful….it starts with a camera, a blog,a print article and ends up with a degree in journalism 😉

  7. @ Marzouq
    Thanks. They’re not bad. I also like their annual restaurant/food guide.

    @ Hussain
    Thank you. Looks like Operation Hope if no more nominations come in.

    @ Mathai
    Thank you. My perspective was very non-Motocross 🙂

    @ onlooker
    Thanks 🙂 – yes it’s a strange feeling. One many people are presumably immune to. I remember when it was a HUGE deal to get a comment on a blog post. I still appreciate the conversations – but am no longer surprised! Bad!

    @ Adrenaline
    More pleased that a photograph of mine is in print – more exciting than the article itself.

    Photo Journalism – now that sounds like a career too good to be true!

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    Mabrook! Great idea on the charity!

    Your pictures of the event are really nice!

  8. Awesome Bu. Congratulations on your success and also of your kindness to offer a donation to a charity.
    Why not save a piece of Rainforest or donate to some environmental protection agency.

  9. Your first published work! Wow, how exciting! Congratulations!!! I don’t know what charity to suggest because I am in the US, but I just wanted to congratulate you. Your first published work in a magazine is a very special thing and a very proud moment.

  10. @ eleventhst
    Thanks 🙂

    @ myphotoscout
    Thank you.

    With my regular (little) donations, I cover human rights, animal welfare, children’s charities, the environment and medical research.

    The obvious one from above will therefore be Hussain’s Operation Hope.

    @ ffjewlry
    Thank you for the kind words. Nominations from abroad are welcome (as long as I can pay online). Maybe next time 🙂

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