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Last week, I found out that the first Friday of every May is International Female Ride Day.  The BMW Motorcycle Club organised Kuwait’s – actually – the Middle East’s first participation in this annual world-wide synchronised campaign.  It promotes female motor cyclists and  started in Canada in 2007.  I found this out because I was kindly invited.  I was however on four wheels – and the only wind I felt through my hair was through the sunroof. I closed that too after a while.

Riders gathered at the TriStar showroom in Kuwait City.  They set off just before sunset and drove to Doha Port – stopping for petrol on the way.  The journey was not long, nor was the stop for drinks.  The second leg was the ride to the restaurant for dinner.  It was great fun watching so many bikes together.

A nice bunch of people making the most of the nice weather – before it turns angry.

@ Trixter, Thank you for inviting me.  @ Adrenaline, Nice meeting you.


  1. Great pictures. Two of my sons ride Harleys..and say to me, “Nothing like it, Mom.”

  2. Yay Canada!

  3. nice to meet you too, do you have any more photos on flickr?

  4. i don’t really like bikes -_-

  5. @ Shirley
    Thanks. They’re probably right!

    @ Abid
    This is the first Canadian export that I’ve seen 🙂

    @ Adrenaline
    Will email you and Trixter links to more and larger images tonight.

    @ sadia
    It’s not for everyone – but I have to admit I understand the attraction.

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    Thanks for the pictures! It’s great to have an event like this in Kuwait!

  6. I am in the US. I was wondering why I saw so many women on motorcycles yesterday.

  7. I miss riding so much ! wish I had a bike here in Kuwait 😦 thats a really cool chopper in the last pic. Do you have more pictures ? 🙂

  8. Very nice shots! Too bad I couldn’t make it out! I had a few things come up!

    I think you should get your leg over a bike some time, you would like it!

  9. would like to participate but no bike at the moment

    nice post

  10. That looks like a lot of fun.

  11. @
    Most welcome… It is really nice to see such an event here.

    @ ffjewelry
    Must be the same… I would imagine much larger numbers though.

    @ Mathai
    I do – but for the club members as they’re mostly of them.

    @ Marzouq
    Meet you next time inshallah.I have no doubt I would like it. It’s probably why I avoid it 🙂

    @ vampire
    Thanks. Better luck with the next event.

    @ intlxpatr
    It really was – and I wasn’t on a bike!

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