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I’m in Dubai again today.  Although I thought I had imagined it last time, the place is really very quiet.  The airport was virtually empty with no queues for immigration and taxis.  The roads are, in Dubai’s standard, deserted!

The above is a view that I’m very familiar with.  I stay at this hotel many times during the year.  The main road, Sh Zayed Road, usually has bumper-to-bumper traffic most of the day – and the early part of the night.  The swimming pool is always, and I do mean always, so busy that I never thought of going down for a quick swim.  During the busy afternoon time on a glorious sunny day, there were four people there.

I’m sure Dubai will pick up again.  I pray it’s soon.  They deserve it with all the hard work that has gone into it.


    • Jonyboy
    • Posted 30 April 2009 at 3:10 pm
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    Is tat the Holiday Inn, Bu Yousef..???

    Ya its hard to find the Dubai roads so empty….like tat.

    Inshallah they will pick up….soon.

    Planning to send our eldest one, to our relatives in Dubai, for the summer vacation. She loves to go there more than going to her home-town, in India.

    Btw….tats a very clear n sharp picture.
    (Not a speck of dust or haze).

    • maitham
    • Posted 30 April 2009 at 5:33 pm
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    NiCe reflection 🙂 😛

  1. I do hope it picks up soon as well! They have done a great job of developing it, but I think now they need to refine a few of their ideas and how to get more quality people and permanent investors! Not those who are their to make a quick buck!

  2. you are in floor 19 right 😀

  3. Seems like the traffic already picked up again, takes again longer to travel Sharjah – Dubai. Maybe its a good time now to move to “New Dubai”?
    The picture was probably taken on a Friday morning?

  4. never liked Dubai

  5. @ Jonyboy
    It’s the Crowne Plaza – same chain so may have been called Holiday Inn before.

    @ maitham

    @ Marzouq
    Fully agree.

    @ casttro
    23rd 🙂

    @ Dubai Informer
    Thursday afternoon… 2pm.
    Told you it’s quiet. You thought it wa Friday morning!

    @ Adrenaline
    It has its good points 🙂

  6. Good photos! Scary view too.

  7. i hope it does pick up soon. but to be honest, less traffic is better! :p

  8. You travel quite a bit Bu. I wish I had the opportunity to see Dubai during this “quiet” time. Once the economy will pick up, it will seem like a dream.

  9. @ Abid
    Thanks – 🙂

    @ sadia
    Less traffic is always good 🙂

    @ myphotoscout
    It’s mostly for business – so I don’t have the luxury of walking for hours with my camera… Hence the many posts of the views from the hotel room 🙂

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