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On my flight to Dubai earlier this evening, I saw Ahmadi shortly after take-off. I’ve always liked how ‘different’ Ahmadi looks compared with the rest of Kuwait.  For me it’s the hints of green and the many red roofs that give it its charm.  This is the first time I see Ahmadi by night – from a height.  It still has a different look about it. 

Most towns in Kuwait are modern blocked areas with a co-op supermarket somewhere in the middle.  It’s nice to have one area that’s not from the same cast.

This is what it says in Wikipedia:

It was also home to several thousand mostly British Ex-pats and their families from 1947 through to 1970, and possibly beyond. The original town layout was from an American pattern. Streets laid out at right angles to each other – 1st Street, 2nd Street and so on. At right angles were the avenues. The town was built on a slope facing the sea, which was about 7 miles (11 km) away. The street that ran across the top of the hill was called “main street”. It housed the upper eschelons of the KOC. It ran down the hill in order of KOC rank. Within the town was the Hubara Club – a complex of buildings with a swimming pool, meeting rooms, restaurants, squash courts, tennis courts etc. Employees of the KOC would use this club every day to meet and chat. Their children spent most of their time here. Towards the bottom of the ‘hill’ was the ‘souk’ or shopping area; banks a cinema, which is now been closed down and a few shops.


    • mooodi
    • Posted 29 April 2009 at 11:43 pm
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    More intesting is how the souk is so well integrated with the rest of the area despite the fact that it’s design is inclined towards pedestrians.

    Check it out on google earth.

  1. nice shot its lool like ny city

    • Posted 30 April 2009 at 4:17 am
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    Wow! The picture is awesome!
    Thanks for the info on Ahmedi! We used to play softball there, and the neighbors don’t look like you are in Kuwait!

  2. are you sure u this is ahmadi, cause wow im so going there this weekend

    • Jonyboy
    • Posted 30 April 2009 at 3:05 pm
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    I love Ahmadi Town. Always had and always will. The town setup is totally different from other town-ships in Kuwait. Its like driving thru an European country-side.

    We hav visited the KOC gardens atleast a ‘zillion’ times and it neva ceases to please us….including our 2 year old daughter….who loves the mini-zoo.

  3. Thats a very nice shot! I wish they would make more centers in Kuwait with more entertainment for the young and people.. so there is more to do then just shopping malls and stuff!

  4. I was born there! I grew up in Ahmadi up until the age of twenty … It’s truly unique, that place.

    Nice blog! Will definitely pass by here again.

  5. I have a Kuwaiti friend who was telling me when he was growing up Ahmadi was SO FAR AWAY that the men who worked there stayed in Ahmadi during the week and only came all the way home on the weekends. There was one slow old road, and it took hours.

  6. @ moodi
    Thanks. Will check it out.

    @ casttro
    Thanks.. Nothing like it.

    @ q8milk
    It is. Enjoy 🙂

    @ Jonyboy
    I love the ‘difference’

    @ Marzouq
    Thanks. We do need that!

    @ Hussain
    Thank you. Please keep visiting.

    @ intlxptr
    He’s right. Highway 30 was only paved to Rumaithiya in the 1970s. Th rest was a dirt track! Hard to imagine.

  7. amazing shot

  8. Wow ! thats a wonderful shot. When we were kids we used to look forward to visiting our friends in Ahmadi coz it reminded us of places back home with all those trees and quiet lanes. 🙂

  9. Amazing photos!!

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