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Take any weekday, take out the six or so hours of sleep, driving around, social visits, shopping, exercise (all three minutes),  and you will quickly find that we spend most of our lives at the office.  I’m very thankful that my office is a nice place to be – especially when I think how long I spend there.  I do my work and my blogging from this room and it has become my little empire.

As nice as my office is, I love the feeling of clearing a long to-do list and walking out of the office, closing the door and turning around.

Thank God for weekends!


  1. Meed magazine,Q8 poster, Oil rig blueprint, travel a lot….mmm u work in the Oil sector?

    • Akbar
    • Posted 3 April 2009 at 12:46 pm
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    Neat office. Who cleans it for you?

    Now tell me how long did you spend to prep. it up for this photo? =)

    P.S:Blogging from work…mmmm No Comments 😀

      • Akbar
      • Posted 3 April 2009 at 12:48 pm
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      Adrenaline: Which other sector can afford trips to their employees (Paris, Saudi, London) in the worst financial Q1 ever?

  2. — Adrenaline
    Yup. Q8 poster is from my 10 years there. The ‘blueprint’ is the equipment that we manufacture and sell (loading arms).

    — Akbar
    Long time no comment… Welcome back.
    Thanks. The cleaner.
    🙂 I honestly didn’t do any preperation. The handful of people who have visited me know that this is how it looks… Most of the time.
    I answer all my emails from my Blackberry – all the time. The blogging is the least I can do to make up the difference 🙂

    — Akbar again 🙂
    Paris (or near Paris) is our head office where we met to discuss how terrible Q1 was. Saudi/Qatar were both to sort out major issues including payment… We travel economy class!
    We go to London on holiday – my work doesn’t often take me there.

  3. u got to lose that Dell, and while ur at it get a B&O tel sets to replace what you have next to the Dell….the electronic ambiance u have there is so anti Mac 😉

  4. nice! add a plant or two and it’ll be perfect!
    enjoy your weekend!

  5. Nice office, I have so much paper piling up on my desk but I never ask the office boy to do it coz sometimes I’m a control freak 😉

  6. — Adrenaline
    You’re hitting the nerve! The Dell is the corporate standard… Nothing I can do about it – it comes from France. I’m just pleased they got me a QWERTY keyboard!

    I have a B&O phone from London but I haven’t been able to make it work here. Do you know anyone? It’s not just its beautiful design but the speaker phone on it is the BEST.

    Love the comment of the e-ambiance being anti mac 🙂

    — sadia
    Thanks. I can’t live without plants. There are three little ones but they’re not in the frame.

    — Mathai
    I know what you mean. I try to minimise my paper. Even meeting notes are scanned as PDFs. The piles are smaller because of this.

  7. can’t think of a reason why its not working, i would check with the local dealer at Al Fanar mall

  8. At least its pleasant! I’ve come to the point that I hate my office! Seriously hate it! I have a dell which is fantastic and does the job!

    Nice office.. the only thing personal in my office is the pen holder which is an engines’ cylinder head!

    I’m thinking about a nice office at a later point!

    Payment is always a HUGE issue! Sometimes you want to strangle the customer even when you have to work with them on it!

  9. So you angled the shot so we wouldn’t have a clear view of your whiteboard/magnetic board? 😉

    Nice, clean office! Mine are always more cluttered!

  10. — Adrenaline

    — Marzouq
    cylinder head! sounds great!
    I have strangled a few. Fun times 🙂

    — intlxpatr
    I can’t work in a cluttered place. I know friends who are the opposite.

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