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I was inspired by Mathai‘s photograph of corn to look for something to capture inside the home.  I couldn’t believe that I managed to leave these alone for so long.

Since the beginning of my working life, I collected match boxes from restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.  Whenever I remembered, wherever I happened to be, I asked for one and placed it in my pocket.  I still don’t know why I started this – but on this rainy Friday evening – I’m so glad I did.

The children saw me take them out of the spaghetti jars.  Now that they know what they are, I’m worried they would play with them, so I removed every single matchstick from all the boxes.  What you see here is less than half!

Hers is what I will do for fun.  The next post will be photographs of the boxes of all the restaurant, cafes etc; and the following one will be of hotels.  I will put the names of all the places, including the city and country.


  1. hehe! looking forward to the pics! 😉

  2. try this, “another motocross race tomorrow at 1pm”

    i hope they don’t serve the same greasy shawerma they had last week

    • Akbar
    • Posted 3 April 2009 at 11:12 pm
    • Permalink

    Do you smoke? I hope not! I like the match heads with white and blue, kind of unique 🙂

  3. Loved the first shot! Lots of depth!

  4. Nice shots ! I like the colored matches. EAT+SLEEP is perfect for this weather 🙂
    and thanks for the honorable mention, I’m flattered 😀

  5. Its the ‘matches’ season i guess! 🙂 yes i go for the first one too. and surprised to see the varied pleasant coloured match heads!
    and a big WOW! for the impressive collection of boxes! 🙂

  6. — sadia
    One done another to go.

    — Adrenaline
    Thanks. Unfortunately I’m busy today! NExt time inshallah.
    I didn’t try the food last time – but that cold drink came at the right time 🙂

    — Akbar
    I’vel also seen pink! A london restaurant.

    — Marzouk
    Thank you. Hope you can use it as a desktop wallpaper 🙂

    — Mathai
    Thank you and well deserved. I meant what I said. That photo was inspiring. Keep it up.

    — onlooker
    Thanks 🙂 Enjoy…

  7. The first picture is very eye-catching. 🙂

  8. Thanks MacaholiQ8

  9. I collect matchboxes too!! Lovely photos by the way

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