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I’ve wanted to get a photograph of the flamingos in the Free Zone for some time. I’m either there late in the night, or I forget my camera during the day.  Yesterday, I had my camera with me and I managed to find a couple of them.  I looked everywhere for the others and all I could see were seagulls and a dog!

I got back in my car and as I started to drive off I saw them.

It’s not the shot I wanted, of them all together on the ground feeding and resting, but I’m sure you will agree that this is very special indeed.  Click the image for the original version to get a better feel of their flight.  The quality is not great as I had to jump out of the car, focus and shoot before they flew past the city’s skyline.  

I wonder where they go?


  1. I wonder how they survive here! Our water front is a disaster!

    • Jonyboy
    • Posted 2 April 2009 at 9:45 am
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    The original version is better. Loved the sight of the flamingos and of the sea-gulls enjoying themselves, in the water.

    Hey, btw….you can see our office in tat pic if you do a zoom.

  2. i like the pic of the solitary flamigo better…

  3. — Marzouq
    It’s embarrassing. If I told you how much rubbish I saw taking these shots, everyone would think I’m exaggerating! It’s in a terrible state.

    — Jonyboy
    Glad you opened the larger version.

    — sadia
    You’re right. I agree.

    Do however open the larger version. It’s nice seeing the line of birds against the skyline of the city.

  4. Friday early morning at starbucks…make sure u have a 30+ zoom, so u enjoy the coffee and shoot great photos

  5. Nice picture, they’re flying like a fighter jet squadron. 🙂
    I’ve always wanted to shoot some flamingos(on camera).

    • 23
    • Posted 7 April 2009 at 12:52 am
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    wwow… i had nooo idea these birds lived here.. im going to go there and find them lol

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