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Even at the best hotels, food is almost never as good as home cooked… I’m not a breakfast man during the week (needs to change) but when it’s the weekend, I enjoy nothing more.  A simple thing like eggs for breakfast is rarely simple during travel.  I’ve been fortunate enough to stay at the best hotels almost around the world (I’ve had my fair share of dodgy places too) – but that’s no guarantee.  The perfect mix of good toasted bread, properly prepared quality eggs and, of course, a proper coffee – is almost impossible to find.

I returned last night. It’s the weekend. My wife prepares the perfect eggs, I catch up with Kuwait’s news, and I use my real machine not the office Nespresso.  

It’s a great start to the weekend and I wish you all the same.


  1. don’t forget the motocross race tomorrow, and this time for sure 😉 free lunch as well

  2. Scrambled eggs does it for me!

  3. — Adrenaline
    Noor was not well, so I went alone. Will post some shots later.

    — Marzouq
    3awafi 🙂

    • Jonyboy
    • Posted 29 March 2009 at 9:43 am
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    Welcome back Bu-Yousef.

    The picture of the eggs…sprinkled with pepper..jus made me hungry….though, like you, I too aint a break-fast man.

    Btw, get well soon wishes…to lil Noor.

  4. Thanks Jonyboy.
    She’s sleeping next to me now 🙂 spent the night at hospital but better now thank God.

  5. Nice breakfast, simple yet satifying, I like how you positioned the fork and also the newspaper. I like to fry up a couple of sausages with my eggs 🙂

  6. Bu Yousef, you are a man who is greatly blessed, who can see the beauty and be thankful for a wife who can fix eggs perfectly. The greatest blessing of all is a heart that can see. . . It also makes me smile to think of Noor sleeping next to her Daddy. It must make her feel so safe. Hospitals can be scary for the little ones (and for us big ones, too.)

    Ugh. I am supposed to be eating oatmeal. And bran. I doctor it up with brown sugar and blueberries or raspberries so I can eat it. I am also not a breakfast person, but it is supposed to be better for us to start the day with breakfast. Aarrgh.

  7. ^i second intlxpatr

  8. — Mathai
    Saucages are tricky. They make or break the meal. You have to be careful 🙂

    — intlxpart & sadia
    Thank you 🙂 Noor is ilhamdillah better 🙂

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