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This was my forth attempt in the last five or so weeks to get these shots.  Every time I managed to run down to get my camera, I scared this little bird away.  This is the balcony adjacent to our living room.  I filled the pots with tiny shoots of Habiscus and they have been growing steadily since last year.  

I knew this bird, from the Warbler family, would return because of the abundance of Aphids on our balcony plants.  My policy is to remove affected branches – but of course I miss  few.  This little angel flies in, now and then, and has a feast.

It’s such a tiny bird and so light, it doesn’t even shake the branches when it perches. It spends an hour or so flying between the plants – eating away.  I could watch it all day.


  1. Great shots. Congrats.


  2. Awesome pictures! The flying one is really cool!

  3. 🙂 a good garden offers so much to feast upon (i mean the eyes!)
    hibiscus-brings up fond memories of hometown. its a very common plant over there, and there are so many varieties and colours of it, the red being the most common. the pistil-stamen part is so lovely. do you have the red one?

  4. I love these cute little birds! They are tiny!

  5. — iheartfilm
    Thanks Chris

    — lovestats
    🙂 thanks

    — onlooker
    There are so many – but for some reason the red ones always flourish and grow better. I’ve given up on the others. I have one pink one in a pot.

    — Marzouq
    True. V. tiny.

  6. Thats a nice setup you have there. This winter I had a bad Aphid attack and some of the plants didnt make it. 😦

  7. Sorry to hear that 😦
    The roots should be ok. Cut (massacre) them to a single short stem. Spring time should take care of the rest. It may work?

  8. Yes you’re right, the roots are ok and some shoots have already appeared. I was thinking of growing cherry tomatoes this year. They look good and you can use them in a salad as well ! 😉

  9. omg! lovely pic. well done you!

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