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You have to give it to the French.  Their capital, their roads, their cars, their fashions, I could go on for a while.  One of the ugliest things invented by man is concrete – and even that is beautiful here (at least in some places).  The airport is full of little design ideas offering a quality overall look and good function.  The seats, the natural light and more.  My favoutite is the big neck-friendly board.


I’m not saying this airport is perfect; far from it in fact, but there aren’t many boring corners.

I’m on my way home – at Dubai airport – and I just realised that flickr is banned here.  These photographs have to join the files on WordPress.


  1. France does have some interesting architecture and that is something we are lacking in Kuwait.

    The roads are also more fun to drive on!

  2. they ban flicker but not prostitution !!!

  3. That curved board is a great idea !
    It beats logic why they ban Flickr in UAE, they have everything else ! 😛

  4. Makes me want to go to Europe even more! One day….sigh

    • Akbar
    • Posted 16 March 2009 at 10:08 pm
    • Permalink

    what time is your flight? Do you do the lulululululululu*throwing chocolates*flower*moppers running helter skelter*loads of smiles* homecoming thingy? I want to witness that 😀

  5. — Marzouq
    Yes. We need more. Although some of the new buildings in the city aren’t bad. Kuwait Towers are a piece of art.

    — Adrenaline
    That’s not allowed there either. I hear.

    — Mathai

    — Abid
    I hope you get to go.

    — Akbar
    No comment 🙂

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