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A short trip again.  This time to Doha.

Last time I was in Qatar was just before the Museum of Islamic Art opened.  It was very frustrating and I hope I can make it up this time.  I will hopefully have 2-3 hours free between meetings.  Can’t wait…

Photograph above was taken at Dubai airport last week.


    • Akbar
    • Posted 2 March 2009 at 10:08 pm
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    Cool photo. Was it taken from the screen inside the aircraft?

    Maybe you should take a few photos of Terminal 3 if you have access to it and post it.

    All the best with your meetings and business trips!

  1. Thank you Akbar. Taken from a window seat in economy! It was just as we turned into position for take-off. I was ready with the camera and settings and manged to only take two frames.

    It looks like it’s only me, but I’m really not that impressed by the new terminal at DXB. Maybe it needs time to grow on me.

    Appreciate the good wishes.

  2. Bu Yousef, great photo…the airline should use it to advertise their economy class and the views you get :)Enjoy.

  3. Brilliant posting!

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