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My host drove me around Abu Dhabi for half an hour today, which was enough to get a flavour of the city.  I really like it.  It’s well maintained and there are some exciting projects nearing completion, and others further into the future.  Abu Dhabi is also preparing to host a FormulaOne race.  Parking is a real issue in the city.  It’s not uncommon to make a 999 call to complain about someone blocking you.  The police call him/her on their mobile and ask them to move their car!

The gardener in me was so impressed not only by the endless green space, but by the quality and variety of the shrubs and trees,.  The area near Emirates Palace and the garden within its walls makes me forget I’m anywhere near the Gulf.

I asked about old Abu Dhabi and where the old souq is… I was extremely surprised to learn it had been removed.


  1. That’s surprising you like it. A lot of q8is who go to Abu Dhabi don’t like it and who go to Dubai HATE it!

  2. Your comment surprises me… I wouldn’t compare them to London or Paris, but for the Gulf I’m very impressed by both cities.

    It is a disappointment that the old market area is gone. Doha should be a blueprint for a modern way of making an old part, an integral one of a new city.

  3. This could easily be in San Diego or San Francisco. Great photograph.

  4. Thanks myphotoscout. I like this place but it’s nowhere near as wonderful as San Diego and San Francisco.

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