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” 1848 is historically famous for the wave of revolutions that swept Europe and the world, starting in France. They significantly altered the political and philosophical landscape and had major ramifications throughout the rest of the century .”

This is what Wikipedia says about the year 1848.  Well… 48 years ago, Kuwait started a new chapter in her history.  Going back 18 years on the 26th, an “altered” history was changed back to the right course.

I’ve timed this post to appear at 18:48 to the 24th.  At that time, I shall be on my way home in time for the holidays.

Happy Independence and Liberation Days Kuwait. 

May god bless this country and everyone who calls it home.


  1. welcome back, make sure you have a couple of foam cans on you

  2. 🙂
    We used them all up.
    I mean – the children used them all up

    • patricksemaan
    • Posted 27 February 2009 at 6:16 pm
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    “May god bless this country and everyone who calls it home”. Amen.

  3. Yes the mid 1800 signaled the start of revolutions in many countries like India and put them on the quest for freedom.

    I’m thankful that we were able to come back to Kuwait after Liberation.

  4. sorry to double post.. Nice Bokeh , it makes it look like a painting ! Do you have a Flickr page ?
    you may visit mine at

    B&W Day 8 - The Journey
  5. I’m also glad the nice foreigners returned after the invasion. As glad as I am for those who remained out. In tough times, people show their real metal.

    I will visit your page today.


  6. Nice photos Mathai.

    Thank you for mentioning “Bokeh”. I didn’t know anything about it before, and I’ve just done some interesting reading.

    I liked the idea and just blurred a known landmark. I did however choose the shot with the perfect circles as it was the most attractive.

  7. Yes Bokeh is now an art form and there are many forums like the one below;


    And when you have a DSL with a fast lens (2.2 – 1.8) its makes it more interesting. If you are in Kuwait this weekend check out a photo exhibition by Kuwaiti artists.


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