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I use flickr to store my photographs and link them into this blog.  To my amazement, not only is Skype blocked in the UAE but for some reason flickr is too! I will upload the photograph above when I return.  

This photograph is of the carpet pattern at the Intercontinental Hotel. Security is very high in the Emirate as they host IDEX.   The gentleman on the x-ray machine at the hotel entrance asked me to take a random shot pointing to the ground.  The flash had to come on too.  I’ve never been asked to do that before – and I’ve never posted an unplanned shot before so here we are.

I’m finally at my room.  With the extra number of guests in Abu Dhabi, it is just about coping.


  1. Flickr is blocked in UAE because of adult content but many people there use proxies to access it. Btw I dont see a picture for this post.

  2. I don’t know anything about proxies. Adult content? What about YouTube… Thank god that’s ok here. There is nothing on TV.

    No photo until I return to Kuwait…

  3. Why don’t you just put them on for now?

  4. a) Flickr is blocked for all ISPs (Du and Etisalat) except if you are in the Dubai Internet City where internet is uncensored

    b) The picture of ground reminds me of right after 9/11 when aiports would make you turn on your laptop to show them that it worked (and wasn’t a bomb). They stopped doing that because it took too long!

  5. Do what a lot of people do – post a screenshot of the “blocked site” page on your blog!

  6. So Dubai is blocking online content yet it’s very open regarding bars and clubs? How ironic?! :\

  7. — myphotoscout
    Why not indeed! Just updated the post. Thanks.

    — Abid
    Thank you for the info. I remember the extra security. Thank god we’re less paranoid now.

    — MacaholiQ8
    I agree. It’s crazy.

  8. photo gives the impression that ur in Iran 😉

  9. It is quite a nice carpet…

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