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It’s nothing new to any business traveller reading this post, but this is all I saw of Paris during my trip – and probably all I will see.  However I still thought it was worth sharing.  The snow wasn’t as bad as what I saw on the news in London, but it covered Paris in fluffy white rather quickly.

My meetings are outside Paris but I took the above shot very early this morning from my hotel balcony.  Click to get the larger view to see some of the snow flakes near the street light and the car’s headlamps.  The snow storm got a little heavier later and I just heard that 30 flights were cancelled at Paris CDG Airport earlier today.  I’m further south now, and there is no sign of snow. The forecast suggests -3˚c  and snow showers.


  1. Excellent photo ! At first I thought it was an HDR shot.
    I feel cold just looking at it. 🙂

  2. Thank you 🙂

    I don’t usually change much of the photograph after taking it, and I minimise any editing except for perhaps some cropping and sometimes straightening.

    This one had nice colours, but I had to change it to B&W to emphasise the main subject, the snow.

  3. wow!! that is beautiful! the whole pic, the effect, has an old-fashioned classic touch to it! Lovely! could almost anticipate some detective with a briefcase, stepping out of those cars and rushing into a building…! 🙂

    • sam
    • Posted 3 February 2009 at 7:03 pm
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    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday !! hope you have a good one in Paris or Q8 !
    speak soon

  4. — onlooker
    🙂 Thank you

    — Sam
    Thanks 🙂 I won’t make it back to Kuwait so it will be in France somewhere…
    Alaikum is-Salam

    • 8bitsofcoffee
    • Posted 3 February 2009 at 10:03 pm
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    Lovely, msh’Allah.

  5. looks like an original b&w pic from long, long ago. superb shot yet again.

    -3˚c?? dont forget to bundle up!

  6. Thank you 8bitsofcoffee and sadia.

  7. Ah, magical Paris. Nice shot, great if printed on a canvas.

  8. “It’s nothing new to any business traveller reading this post, but this is all I saw of Paris during my trip”

    I always used to envy the business travellers – I mean, come on…they get free trips to all these different places in the world.

    Now, I am visiting a bunch of different cities in the country that I havent seen before for ‘business’ reasons. Turns out, staying in hotels is crap, eating from restaurants is crap and not being home is crap.

    Lesson learnt: business travel does not equal vacation!

  9. Thats one very very very nice photo, would look great on a wall of Jazz Cafe…should be as big as the wall itself

  10. reminded me of Natalie Cole song “Darling, je vous aime beaucoup”

  11. — Patrick Semaan
    It is very magical. Thanks 🙂

    — Abid
    The best thing I’ve learned is to use every opportunity! You’re away from home anyway – so make it a positive experience. Don’t try to fit too much, but enjoy what you can. In this case I simply looked out of my window for five minutes waiting for my taxi.

    — Adrenaline
    You’re being too nice. Thanks for the compliments.

  12. This picture is a piece of art.

    Good luck o bissalama. 🙂

  13. You’re too kind. Thank you.
    Allah isalmik 🙂

  14. I agree – it is an extraordinary photo. I almost wish there were just one little something red – but as it is, it is so cold, so classic, so architectural.

    What a good eye you have!

  15. Thank you 🙂

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