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For some time now, I’ve not travelled as often as I would expect.  Some trips were cancelled, others postponed.  It has been great staying home, but it’s now time to play catch-up.  

The airports I’ve been through today, Kuwait, Dubai and Paris, were all surprisingly quiet.  This photograph was taken this morning at Kuwait International Airport.


    • chemicalthings
    • Posted 1 February 2009 at 11:39 pm
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    You have beautiful photography.

  1. It seems you are a proponent of travelling light.

    So am I! 🙂

  2. — chemicalthings
    Thank you. I’m humbled by your comment.

    — Abid
    I have to admit, this is my “hand luggage”. I got tired of carrying a briefcase/laptop case, so all my electronics and papers go into a pilot’s case. I check in my other piece and the size depends on the duration/season.

    Not much of a light traveller I’m afraid, but I did just notice that I have not packed any ties!!

  3. bon voyage…wish you safe trip!

  4. *a safe trip

  5. its about time…missed ur travel posts

  6. I have noticed the same thing – airports are no where near so crowded as before. I first noticed last summer . . . I think this all started early last year, and is just getting worse. Poor airlines. Poor hotels. Poor tourist locations. Poor stores.

  7. — sadia

    — Adrenaline
    🙂 Thanks

    — intlxpatr
    Change is good… in either direction. This will also “change”

  8. Have a nice trip. you pack an SLR as well ? Thats not traveling light! 😛

  9. 🙂 Thanks

    The camera is almost always on my shoulder when I’m travelling, but when I get a good opportunity and take the shot, it’s all worth it.

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