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Not long ago, I was asked about Softmint – the first pigeon born at our house.  

I have great pleasure in sharing this photograph of Softmint feeding his young…  It’s hard to believe he was born here himself.  

The one thing I still haven’t been able to get over is how incredibly UGLY baby pigeons are.  It still baffles me how they transform in a couple of weeks.


  1. my!! 🙂 is it one or there are two baby pigeons?? its so difficult to make out…just a few sparse feathers, on the fragile body!! the mother looks all proud and stately. :)kids mustve been all excited!

    • Sheroug
    • Posted 29 January 2009 at 4:04 pm
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    He is lovely. Is that a mohawk I see 😛
    I think there are two baby pigeons, one is facing the camera and the other giveing us its back.

  2. lol..they ARE kinda ugly!

  3. — onlooker
    There two chicks and daddy… This was technically a very difficult shot to control. I didn’t want to disturb the birds, yet I had to get close enough to get an image with limited distractions. This the best of six frames as it shows Softmint in focus and both chicks without ugly details.

    The children were happy. I shared the idea of possibly keeping only homing pigeons, but I got voted out!

    — Sheroug
    🙂 Don’t tempt fait… Yes. You’re right!

    — sadia
    The worst thing is they actually get uglier and more disproportional before they get better 🙂

  4. I think even humans r ugly when they r babies

  5. My mother says I wasn’t…
    … and yes I do know the Kuwaiti saying that you’re thinking about 🙂

  6. Even newborn babies are beautiful – when they are sleeping! I think father-pigeon is beautiful! Where is the mother? How do they share parenting? How many do you have now? Is Softmint still your favorite? 🙂

  7. Mother looks exactly the same. These are their first two. I have to say he isn’t my favourite. He’s special because he is the first bird to be born at our house, but I’m more interested in homing pigeons and their attitude/achievement.

    My favourite is therefore an ugly grey bird. He managed to find his way home without hesitation from a first trip of 4km. Out of the basket, and straight home.

  8. OK, Bu Yousef, a private challenge. I want to see a photo that shows us the noble character of the “ugly” grey bird.

  9. Will post an older photo shortly 🙂

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